Downtown Nights

Another slice fresh from the oven that burns all night.




Proof that Ben, Chris, Andrew and me went to Ambler Skate Park for a day:

Proof that I suffer from some kind of dementia:

Proof that Peacock was better than I’ll ever be when he was suckin’ on pacifiers (Note – Meant to say he was very young. Peacock does in fact still suck on pacifiers. Sorry for any confusion)

Proof that University City kids are idiots:

Proof that CJ is actually a woman (okay this is a stretch, but work with me):

Proof that Tommy Zhao is living the life:

Proof that Peacock and the 301 crew ain’t be playin’ games:

Proof that Shanghai and Mr. Stephen Khou are awesome:

[vimeo 32482189]

Assist Me, Please

Eric made this for Sun Drop. It actually tastes good, despite it’s horrible new marketing scheme. Show us how YOU DROP IT!

8FIVE2 SHOP in Hong Kong released its full-length ‘Hollieday’. Below is both the trailer and throwaway:

Hollieday features Piet Guilfoyle, Chris Bradley, Seb Batty and others. Spent the gnarliest week of my life in ShenZhen with these fools.


CJ has been going through some changes. 

Here we get a glimpse into his strange world:

There’s also a third section at the barrier spot now.

Paul Benson moved to LA for an internship. While he’s busy assisting his director with whatever is asked of him, he sent this clip. The beer tower falling at 1:56 is gnarly.

Last but not least, NGT episode XI is up. Zach, Jerry, Bernard and the gang have been throwing down at the warehouse and elsewhere.

Keep ’em strong, keep ’em moving.

Takin’ Care of Business

Quick warehouse clip featuring CJ, Andy, Gunther and friends.

Spending time at the warehouse you’ll encounter some bowl trolls.

And sometimes Justin Bludgus will get wild with staff.

And you may even see Tank Girl (Andy) spread her legs.

Our great friend Brian Peacock officially rides for Hélas.


[vimeo 31706815]

We NOW should have another episode of Minge TV soon.

We’ve been busy takin’ care of business and apologize for the delay in new content.

Alexander Hwang has arrived.

Unfortunately, we’ll be exporting him back to Shanghai in a week. Fortunately, we’re selling him at a profit. Rest assured: this money will go directly back into supporting our alcoholism.

CJ and friends got dirty in South Philly.

Aaron Botkin also recently released his full length Chocolate Oddessy 2. Click on the video below to find all the other parts. Baltimore suburbia at its finest.

4D does it right.

Halloween was fun and eventful.

Eric became one with nature.





Throwaway Throwback

As I break a sweat before ever stepping on my board, I’m reminded that we are still pushing through the Summer.  While going through my Mac, I stumbled upon the “Movies” folder, where the most random video files get placed by default.  I found an entire folder full of clips that were all filmed on a single brisk January day.  Just throwing this montage together cooled me down for a bit.  Enjoy a window back to the days of shenanigans, Race Street, and the baby death lens that now has a new momma.

Get It Gumby!

Dear Aaron Homoki (and friends),

First and foremost, congrats on your A Happy Medium 2 part. Your first grab in your first line was my favorite. Other notable moments were your back noseblunt, gap grab to boardslide, kickflip front blunt, fakie 540, and both 360s across gaps (especially the one with no grab).

I think the greatest thing about this part is that 90% (or more) of your clips involve you smiling uncontrollably. We don’t see that enough these days.

There are a few things that we have been concerned about, one of them your general well being. Keep in mind this is for your survival.

Please steer clear of electrical boxes… After the clip in PVWHL (please skip to 8:35) and your first Happy Medium part. Seems like you followed this in your latest part. Thank god.

Also, you might want to consider getting some new friends. John Motta is really awesome, but your other friends seem to support you in your life-threatening antics. Did none of those guys cheering tell you that it might not be such a great idea to jump down that thing?

You rip. And I hope you continue to put out quality parts. Your style gets better every time. Freedom.